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Fire Damage Restoration in Farmington, NM

Have you recently had fire damage to your home or commercial property? M&R Plumbing & Restoration Service is a highly experienced company that can handle all of your fire restoration needs so that you can worry about other important things.

Our family-owned company began 68 years ago, and it has grown into a thriving company with many satisfied customers. We believe in honest and open communication so that you don’t have to worry about any surprises during your already stressful situation.

We specialize in helping assist with insurance claims, from the initial point of creating the claim, and documenting all necessary information.

Read on to learn more about the fire restoration process.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire damage can cause more problems than what is seen on the surface. The soot and chemicals that are left behind can be dangerous if inhaled, and the water used to put out the fire can become stagnant and mold may form. On top of that, structural damage could make the building unsafe to enter. It is advisable to hire a professional team to deal with fire damage in order to avoid potentially fatal injuries.

The process begins with a free consultation to assess the damaged area in order to understand if there are any dangers, what equipment will be needed, and how many cleaners will be needed. Once we gain that information, we begin the process of making the structure or area safe. We are then able to begin the cleaning process.

Sometimes this process requires stagnant liquid to be pumped out of the area. Any large debris that cannot be saved is taken out and salvageable items are cleaned and placed in a safe place. From there, general repairs and restoration can occur. If there have been any damages to the structure's plumbing system, we are able to quickly handle those issues as well.

To get in contact with us in Farmington, NM, call 505-325-9312 or fill out our online form and we will get in contact with you.

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