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Flood Damage Restoration in Durango, CO

If you are currently dealing with a flood in or near Farmington, NM, contact M&R Plumbing Services at 505-325-9312 for emergency service.

Local Emergency Water Damage Restoration Company

Water Damage in residential or commercial properties can be very complicated, and can be caused by different issues. From broken water lines, water heaters, and sewage backups…. It is imperative that it be handled and mitigated quickly and professionally. With state of the art equipment and training, we will assess the damages and create a drying plan to return your house back to its pre-flooded state.

Our professional team of water mitigation techs will be assembled to extract any excess moisture, and advanced drying equipment will be placed in the building. Any items still in the structure will be cleaned up, or safely disposed of. We specialize in helping assist with insurance claims, from the initial point of creating the claim, and documenting all necessary information.

Read on to learn more about the flood restoration process.

Water Damage Restoration

Floods in residential or commercial properties have many different causes. There are obvious causes such as natural disasters or storms, but some other common flood problems occur when an old pipe finally breaks down or bursts from too much pressure. Sometimes pipes can get large clogs in them, and, when the water has nowhere else to go, it pools on the floor.

In any case, a flood in your home or business space can cause a lot of damage that needs to be dealt with by a professional in order to be properly handled in a safe manner. The flood restoration process begins with an inspection free of charge to check for damages and any potential dangers.

A professional team is then assembled to begin removing any liquid that is still present either by pumping or dehumidifying. Any items still present in the structure are cleaned up and saved or safely disposed of.

By this point, any plumbing that has been damaged is fixed.

If you have recently dealt with a flood and need restoration services, do not hesitate to contact our Farmington, NM, office at 505-325-9312, or fill out our online form and we will contact you.

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