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$99 Drain Cleaning Farmington NM

can plug up your life!

Clogged Kitchen Sinks, Bathtubs, Showers and Toilets ...

The best drains are the ones you never have to think about. But if you are here, reading this, you likely are dealing with a less than perfect drainage situation. Hard to say what your particular issue is, as clogged drains come in all shapes and sizes. Drain problems run the gamut from a slow inconvenient hold up to an urgent flooding situation. No matter the level of urgency your drainage issues are creating, the gals and guys at M&R Plumbing Service have seen it all and are ready to provide any drain cleaning services you should require.

Drain Cleaning Service, Drain Snaking and Video Drain Inspections

M&R has yet to come across a drain it could not unclog. And a big part of that continued success is using the right tools for the problem. Furthermore, many drain problems can be adequately resolved by a property owner if they are in possession of the right tools. But the flip side to that coin is also true in that using the wrong tools can do serious damage to your plumbing. The real trick is knowing which tools are needed for the individual job. This requires a thorough drain inspection. M&R can help with that too. They use video drain inspections to not only clear your drains but let you know what you can do to prevent future clogs.


Remember drains are meant to make your life easier. Do not put up with the less obvious drainage issues as they can cause further damage to your plumbing system. Slow drain’s or foul odors coming from your drains can be easy to overlook, but ultimately wreak havoc on your homes plumbing. Sure, you can wait for a clogged toilet or sink to slow down your daily routine. Or you can be proactive about drain cleaning by calling the most dependable, reasonably priced plumbers in Farmington. M&R can make light work of any interior drain cleaning you may be in need of.

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Drain Repairs & Replacement

The modern plumber relies heavily on video drain inspection technology. Using waterproof cameras, plumbers can do a visual inspection of your plumbing and sewer lines removing the guess work from the job. Before video drain inspections, pipes in hard to reach places like under your home or under cement were the bane of the plumber’s existence. But now, plumbers use high-resolution flexible cameras to get a digital overview in real time.

Video drain inspections can be especially helpful when you are having reoccurring clogs, back-ups, or slow drains. Plumbing leaks can also be detected with the cameras. If these sounds like problems you have had, or you wish to get an in-depth inspection of your home/potential home, a video drain and sewer inspections are not normally part of standard home inspections but give buyers unrivaled insight into the condition of one of the most important systems in a home.

When proper plumping care and maintenance are just not enough, it is time for drain repairs and possibly replacement. It is one of the inherent truths of property ownership that sometimes your investment requires a bit of tender loving care. And your plumbing system is no different. Most of the time clogged toilets and clogged drains can be addressed with rooter and cable drain cleaning equipment. These “snakes” are effective for interior drain cleanings. If the snake doesn’t solve the problem, we move onto our gas and electric powered “jetter” drain cleaning tools.

And if all these techniques fail to relieve your plumbing problems, chances are you are looking at a drain repair or replacement. If this this sounds expensive and time consuming, you are partially right. Choosing the right repair person is more than half the battle. A battle that you are winning as you are here reading about M&R.

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Video Drain Inspections
The M&R Plumbing Difference

You’ll love your Plumbing Technician. We have a developed a "100% Customer Focused" culture at M&R.


Learn what makes M&R Plumbing the best choice for Farmington, Durango & the Four Corners area.

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Video Drain Inspections
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